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How do Performance Tires work? The subject of this week’s How’s This Work was stumbled upon as we were doing one of our comparison landing pages recently. We were looking at the Toyota 86 and noticed it was equipped with W-speed tires while its competitor was equipped with H-speed tires, and we thought it might… Read more »


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What is Towards Tomorrow by Toyota? This fall, Toyota is unraveling a new campaign in Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia that we hope they eventually spread further across the country if it’s successful. The campaign is called Towards Tomorrow by Toyota, and it is designed to give online car shoppers a more hands-on research experience… Read more »


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Used 2011 Toyota Matrix For Sale Edmonton AB We don’t often look at Toyota vehicles in our Used Car Spotlight, as we like to give you information about vehicles we don’t already have plenty of research pages dedicated to. But today, we’re looking at a Toyota vehicle that’s no longer available new as it was… Read more »

Where to Observe Remembrance Day in Edmonton AB

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With the Halloween season coming to a conclusion with trick-or-treating tonight, it’s time to look forward to the next holiday. On November 11th, we recognize Remembrance Day here in Edmonton AB and across Canada as a whole. If you’re wondering where to observe a service or attend an event for the holiday, to pay your… Read more »


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With the newest version of the  2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Series on its way here to Toyota on the Trail, we thought now would be the perfect time to look at some of the best examples of drivers taking the Tacoma off-road. We compiled five of the best photos and videos on Instagram that… Read more »


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One of the leading causes of traffic accidents and collisions today is without a doubt smartphone-related incidents. People like to stay connected to the outside world at all times, even behind the wheel – even when they know how dangerous that is. Several automotive manufacturers and other companies around the globe are working to remedy… Read more »


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How does Heads Up Display work? Do you ever take a second to think about just how many futuristic technologies exist today, that we could only dream of as kids? Smartphones allow you to make video calls, the internet lets you go shopping from the comfort of home, and come cars are being powered completely… Read more »

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The perennial best-selling sedan that gets almost everything right.   Pricing: 2017 Toyota Camry Base price (XSE V6 trim): $35,495 Options: $255 premium paint colour Freight: $1,690 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $37,540 The Toyota Camry has established itself as a stalwart pillar of the brand’s quiet, conservative image. It sells. A lot. And it’s generally very reliable, well… Read more »


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2017 Toyota Tacoma TRD Pro Series Specs & Features For the 2016 model year, the Toyota Tacoma was completely redesigned and taken into its next generation. The result was a stunning new truck that delivered superior capabilities and a sportier design than ever before. Now in its sophomore year, Toyota introduced the return of the… Read more »