Will the Toyota Mirai be available in Canada?

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Will the Toyota Mirai be available in Canada_o

Finding alternative fuel sources has been a major objective throughout the automotive industry for a long time. For many, it’s not just about saving money at the pump, but rather about saving the environment so that future generations inherit a habitable world. One alternative fuel source that has been making waves over the past couple… Read more »

Toyota Fuel Cell Technology

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Toyota Fuel Cell Technology Toyota recently announced plans for its hydrogen fueled vehicle, the Toyota Mirai. Toyota is constantly finding new ways to pave the path for innovative ways to fuel vehicles. They already have a large variety of hybrid vehicles and now they are expanding their technology even further. They have patented industry leading… Read more »

The Future Has Arrived!

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Toyota Mirai The future of the automotive world is always being discussed. No one is completely sure what innovations will be created in the future, but there are some exciting developments happening right now. Recently hybrids and battery powered vehicles have become more and more prominent in the automotive world, but car companies are still looking for… Read more »