Air Conditioning vs. Windows Down

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What’s better AC or windows down? When it’s summer you will probably start using features in your vehicle that haven’t been operated in a while. Two of these features include your air conditioning and your windows. You would never dream of using these features in the winter (with the exception of going through the drive-thru)…. Read more »

What are 60/40 Split Seats?

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Benefits of 60/40 Split Seats When you are shopping for a new vehicle there are many choices you will have to make. From body style, to colour, to interior features; the list goes on and on. There are so many decisions to be made before you can drive home your new vehicle. One of option… Read more »

Traveling with your Pets

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Tips for Road Trips with Pets Going for on trips is a great way to spend a few days off and it’s even better when you can bring your pet(s) along for the ride. It can however be stressful to bring your pet, especially if it’s a longer drive. It is important to make sure… Read more »

Active Safety vs Passive Safety

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Active Safety vs Passive Safety One important group of qualities to research when you’ll looking at buying a new car, is the safety features. You want to make sure that you your vehicle is as safe as possible, because you never know what can happen on the road. It can be scary and uncomfortable to… Read more »

All Your Tire Questions, Answered!

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Important Tire Facts Tires can be a confusing element to the everyday driver. It might even be something that you’ve never thought about, but there are some important tire facts when it comes to your vehicle and the condition of its tires. You definitely don’t want to risk the life of your vehicle by not… Read more »

Cars Parents Love

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Vehicles Approved by Parents Many vehicles are designed with families in mind. Many families struggle to find the perfect vehicle for their needs due to all the options that are currently on the market. Families can now choose from large size sedans, crossovers, SUVs and minivans. It can be difficult to decide which out is… Read more »

What is a Demo Car?

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Benefits of Buying Demo Cars When buying a new car, there are many options available, but one option some drivers may not be aware of is demonstration (demo) cars. All dealerships have them but they aren’t always for sale. They are the vehicles that dealerships like Toyota on the Trail use for test drives. Think of… Read more »

Road Trip Tips

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Road Trip Tips The weather is finally shifting from frozen tundra to mild cold. Sooner or later it’s going to finally be spring! Spring is a great season for new beginnings, enjoying the sunshine and spring break! One popular spring activity is going on a road trip. Road trips are a fun and affordable way… Read more »

Join Club Toyota!

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Club Toyota in Canada When you buy a Toyota vehicle you have the opportunity to be part of something bigger and more exciting than just owning a new car. If you love Toyota as much as we do at Toyota on the Trail, you might want to join Club Toyota in Canada. This organization is… Read more »