Scion FR-S Safety Features

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How Safe is the 2015 Scion FR-S? When you are shopping for a new vehicle, it’s important to make sure it has all the features you want and need. One important category of features to explore has to do with safety. You want to be comfortable and confident on the road and safety features can… Read more »

Summer Scion Accessories

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Summer Scion Accessories in Edmonton AB Traveling in the summer can cause a lot of wear and tear on your vehicle, but there are many ways to prepare for road trips in advance. One way to make sure you vehicle is ready, is by getting the appropriate add-on accessories. These items will help keep your… Read more »

Graduates Save on a New Scion

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Scion Grad Program Graduating from a school and moving onto the next step in life is always something to celebrate. School is an important step in growing up and making your way in the world. School, however, can be very expensive and many students have to work in addition to attending classes. To help you… Read more »

2014 Scion xB Review

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The 2014 Scion xB is a pretty unusual vehicle. The styling sets it apart, and frankly you won’t see a lot of these out there. But it’s a vehicle that could make quite a bit of sense for quite a few people. The one I reviewed was the limited edition Release Series (RS) 10.0. There are… Read more »

Scion Merchandise in Canada

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Scion Merchandise Sometimes when you are a fan of something, you want to show it throughout your everyday life. People might have a poster, a t-shirt or a coffee mug with the logo of a brand they enjoy, just to be reminded of it. Scion is one of those brands that is actively making it… Read more »

Scion Audio Features

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Scion Audio Options As we’ve mentioned before, Scion is a huge supporter of music and Canadian artists though Scion Sessions. With this in mind, it was obvious that Scion vehicles couldn’t have just any old sound system in its vehicles. Scion vehicles has impressive and innovative Scion audio options for drivers to choose from. Here… Read more »

Scion Sessions in Canada

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Scion Sessions In comparison to other automotive companies, Scion is still in its youth. Even though it is a young company, Scion celebrates its short history instead of letting it be a hindrance. One of the many ways Scion uses its youth to its advantage is by taking part in Scion Sessions. This program exists… Read more »

Scion iM – Coming Soon!

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Scion iM Release Date Every year automotive brands announce new vehicles. There are redesigns of classic models along with completely new models. This year Scion has announced that they will be revealing an the all-new Scion iM at the New York International Auto Show in April 2015. A production version was shown at the Los… Read more »

Scion Powers Passion

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Which Scion is right for you? People often say that an individual’s vehicle reflects their personality. There are so many vehicles to choose from so when you find one that fits your needs, it almost feels like an extension of yourself. One brand that really embraces this idea is Scion. Scion actually has a rough… Read more »