Toyota Works Toward a Brighter Future

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Toyota 2016 Earth Day Participation

Toyota 2016 Earth Day Participation In case you weren’t aware, Earth Day took place last week Friday, on April 22nd. We’ve mentioned before how involved with the environment Toyota is, so Toyota’s 2016 Earth Day participation should come as no surprise. Toyota Canada Inc., with support from Canadian dealers across the country, not only focused… Read more »

Microsoft and Toyota Join Forces to Change the Connected Future

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What is Microsoft Toyota Connected

What is Microsoft Toyota Connected? Just a couple of days ago, Toyota announced that it would be opening a brand-new subsidiary company called Toyota Connected, Inc. in which the company will collaborate with Microsoft on cutting edge technologies for the future. But that begs the question, what is Microsoft Toyota Connected exactly? We thought we’d… Read more »

How does Toyota test its vehicles?

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Toyota Testing Facility Before Toyota vehicles can even arrive at dealerships, they go through rigorous testing to make sure that they can handle anything that you throw their way. It is important that Toyota tests its vehicles so they can make them perform as perfectly as possible. Today we’re going to take a closer look… Read more »

Canadian Dodgeball Team

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Toyota Canada Sponsors the Canadian Dodgeball Team Toyota Canada might be a large company, but they care about the individual. They support various community events and activities every year. This time they have added a new sponsorship to their list now that Toyota Canada sponsors the Canadian Dodgeball Team. The automotive company announced this exciting… Read more »