2017 Toyota Camry XSE V6 Test Drive Review

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The perennial best-selling sedan that gets almost everything right.   Pricing: 2017 Toyota Camry Base price (XSE V6 trim): $35,495 Options: $255 premium paint colour Freight: $1,690 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $37,540 The Toyota Camry has established itself as a stalwart pillar of the brand’s quiet, conservative image. It sells. A lot. And it’s generally very reliable, well… Read more »

2016 Toyota Prius Test Drive Review

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The long-reigning champion of hybrid sales, the Toyota Prius, has been completely redone for 2016.   Pricing: 2016 Toyota Prius Base price: $25,995 Options: $590 Upgrade package; $255 optional paint colour Freight: $1,690 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $28,630 Exterior Toyota described the Prius’ new look with the line “Sportier new styling”. You’d be forgiven for thinking this will… Read more »

2016 Toyota Sienna XLE AWD Test Drive Review

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The top-of-the-heap Limited AWD Sienna does it all. And does it well.   Pricing: 2016 Toyota Sienna Base price (XLE AWD trim): $42,375 Options: $7,325 Limited Package Freight: $1,760 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $51,560 Toyota’s Sienna has long duked it out with Honda’s Odyssey over which is the best mini-van. Sure, in Canada Chrysler’s Grand Caravan typically sells four… Read more »

2016 Toyota Rav4 SE AWD Test Drive Review

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Toyota’s best-selling crossover gets a mild refresh for 2016 and continues to be a smart buy.   Pricing: 2016 Toyota RAV4 Base price (AWD SE trim): $34,620 Options: none Freight: $1,730 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $36,450 The RAV4 was one of two trail-blazers in the mini-ute/cute-ute/crossover category along with Honda’s CR-V. Remember when these came out? We didn’t… Read more »

2016 Toyota Camry SE Test Drive Review

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 The Camry is known as a perennial bastion of practicality and reliability, and traditionally has always cut the mustard as the smart, if not a bit drab, purchase. The latest generation of Camry has brought a fresh set of lines and a sense of newfound confidence. While the Camry still isn’t something that will overly excite the senses,… Read more »

2016 Toyota Yaris Sedan Test Drive Review

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Toyota’s entry level sedan – surprisingly good.   Pricing: 2016 Toyota Yaris Sedan Base price (base trim): $18,200 Options: none Freight: $1,535 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $19,835 I’ve reviewed Yarises (or is it Yarii?) in the past. They are definitely entry-level vehicles. Good ones, but entry-level nevertheless. I’m not sure what all Toyota has done to the all-new… Read more »

2016 Scion iM Test Drive Review

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The all-new Scion iM comes well-equipped and ready to compete.   Pricing: 2016 Scion iM Base price: $21,165 Options: $825 CVT (continuously-variable transmission) Freight: $1,695 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $23,785   Exterior Scion recently dropped their all-new iM into the marketplace. The car’s general shape feels very derivative of Lexus’ CT200h. I often have trouble remembering that Scion… Read more »

2015 Toyota Tundra CrewMax Limited 4×4 Review

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Big, capable and thirsty, the Tundra doesn’t hold back when it comes to competing with the North American half-ton trucks.   Pricing: 2015 Toyota Tundra Base price (4×4 CrewMax Limited trim): $49,825 Options: $915 Technology Package Freight: $1,690 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $52,530 Exterior The latest generation of Tundra shows that Toyota doesn’t want to be seen as a 7/8… Read more »

2015 Toyota Camry Hybrid Review

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Toyota’s perennial mid-sized best-seller in hybrid guise. Is it worth it? Click on any picture to see a larger version.   Pricing: 2015 Toyota Camry Base price (SE Hybrid trim): $29,635 Options: none Freight: $1,620 A/C tax: $100 Price as tested: $31,355 Exterior The 2015 Camry got a significant restyle, and while it is definitely more expressive and interesting, things like the yawn-fest rear… Read more »