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How does the Hands-free Liftgate work?

Today we’re going to look at a technology that certainly comes in handy, and while it might seem obvious how it works some people might not know. So, for this week’s How’s This Work, we’re taking a look at the Hands-free Liftgate. But we won’t just focus on the hands-free part, we’ll take a look at everything Toyota’s foot-activated power liftgate is capable of to give you a better idea of just how incredible it is.

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What is the Hands-free Liftgate capable of?

Obviously, the hands-free liftgate can open and close without the use of your hands. That’s probably the coolest thing that it’s capable of, and the one that comes the most in handy. If you’re ever approaching your vehicle with arms full of grocery bags or gym equipment, then all you have to do is wave your foot underneath the center of the rear bumper, and the liftgate will open up on its own.

Likewise, once you get home and park in your garage or wherever it is you park, and you want to get everything in the house on one go, you can fill up your arms again and close the door with another wave of your foot.

Another cool thing that you can do with the hands-free liftgate is program its height, as the liftgate is height adjustable. Whether you’re not quite tall enough to reach it at its full extent, or you have to park in a cramped space, you can program the height to stop wherever you want, and that’s where it will stop no matter how you open it up.

If you’re interested in finding out which vehicles have the hands-free liftgate available, give us a call.

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