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By now you’ve probably heard about the 2017 Toyota Mirai, Toyota’s stab at the fuel cell vehicle market. We’re likely still a long way off from mass-produced FCVs, but that doesn’t mean that fuel cell technology doesn’t already have its uses. The Mirai isn’t the only thing that Toyota has been working on in the field either, as the company is also utilizing fuel cell technology in public transportation busses across Tokyo.

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“The Toyota Group considers the use of hydrogen to be a powerful source of energy for the future. Toyota has launched the Mirai FCV, while also engaging in the technological and product development of FC busses, fuel cell forklifts, as well as stationary fuel cells for use in homes. Going forward, the group will accelerate developments in a unified manner, so as to contribute to the realization of a hydrogen-based society.”

– From a Toyota press release

Use of FC Busses in Tokyo

The fuel cell busses that Toyota is creating for Tokyo, the first of which was just sold earlier this month, are pretty incredible machines. With the ability to transport 26 seated passengers, 50 standing passengers and 1 driver, each bus will be able to transport quite a few people.  Toyota has stated that they intend to build and sell 100 of these busses to the Tokyo Metropolitan Government prior to the 2020 Olympic Games that are scheduled to be held in Tokyo.

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