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What is a truck cab?

Today we’re going to look at a topic that might seem a bit strange, especially if you just read the headline. What is a truck cab? I mean, that’s a pretty easy question to answer. The cab is the part of the truck where you sit, and the bed is the part that makes it a truck. Sure, that’s a simplification, but it’s a pretty simple idea. The point of this week’s How’s This Work, is to help you understand the difference between types of cabs. Chances are, if you’ve been looking into buying a truck, you’ve noticed three big types: Regular, Extended and Crew Cab (or Double for Toyota).

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Regular Cab

Although it’s called a “regular” cab, it’s probably the least used option, as it has no back seat whatsoever. While it is the cheapest option, it simply isn’t very practical. If you’re looking for a jobsite-only truck or a commercial fleet, then regular cabs are perfect, but if it’s for everyday use then you might want to consider stepping up to one of the other cabs.

Extended Cab

In many cases, extended cabs aren’t much better than regular. However, they do offer a back seat for those times you have an extra friend or two to bring along with you. But they won’t be all that comfortable, as the back seat in an extended cab is relatively small.

Double/Crew Cab

If you’re going to have a full car of passengers quite often, then the Crew Cab – or Double Cab if you’re looked at one of our Toyota trucks – is the right choice. It’s essentially an SUV cab with a truck bed attached to the back.

Hopefully this cleared some things up for you on the difference between beds. Crew or Double Cabs are going to be the most popular and prevalent, but each has its own advantages.


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