2017 Toyota Yaris Specs and Features

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The 2017 Toyota Yaris Hatchback is another fun and hip entry into the Toyota family with its touch screen radio display, six audio speakers, hands-free phone capability, USB port and numerous safety features.

The Yaris Hatchback has an appealing, rounded look and starts with a simple 4-speed automatic transmission on the standard model, which is listed at an inexpensive $17,240.

Also coming standard on the 2017 Yaris Hatchback are a number of entertainment gadgets and useful safety features. In the entertainment department, the Yaris has a 6.1-inch touch screen radio display with MP3 playback capability to blast through its six speakers spread throughout the vehicle. It also comes equipped with a USB port, hands-free phone capability, voice recognition and Bluetooth music streaming, making the car a fun and entertaining option.

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The 2017 Yaris Hatchback also comes with a number of technological safety features, beginning with Electronic Stability Control and both driver- and passenger-side seat-mounted airbags. The 2017 also comes standard with a forward pre-collision system that automatically stops the car when it senses a crash coming.

The 2017 Yaris Hatchback also comes fully equipped with a lane-departure alert and warning system, as well as driver’s-side knee airbags.

Engine Options and Fuel Efficiency

Internally, the 2017 Yaris Hatchback carries a 1.5-liter Inline-4 engine with 106 horsepower, which gives the car excellent fuel efficiency. On the highway, the Yaris gets up to 35 miles per gallon and up to 30 in the city.

The 2017 Yaris Hatchback has a slick, streamlined look to it with body-colored front and rear bumpers, body-colored mirrors and door handles, and black windshield and window trim.

2017 Toyota Yaris Interior

It’s not hard to picture a teen or young adult cruising through the city with the entertainment gadgets and safety features equipped on the 2017 Yaris Hatchback, but it’s not limited to that demographic as all ages would enjoy the features included this year. For more information or to take a test drive behind the wheel of one of these brand new 2017 models, contact Wheaton Toyota on the Trail today.

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