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The weather has been a little strange this year. It’s still above 0° in November and there hasn’t been any snow yet, but we know it’s just around the corner. With that in mind, it’s time to start thinking about our favorite ways to get ourselves through the harsh winter season – namely, skiing and snowboarding. If you’ve been itching to bust out your skis or boards, you’re probably wondering exactly when the skiing season will kick off. We looked at some of the most popular resorts in Alberta to give you a better idea of when you can get back to the slopes.

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Norquay Banff Ski Resort

Banff is roughly a 4-hour drive from Edmonton, but if you’re itching to hit the slopes then a ski trip might be the best way to do that. An incredible ski resort located on Norquay Mountain, the Banff Ski Resort is an excellent place to kick off the season. While opening day is still official “to be determined,” Norquay has a pretty fantastic set up for fake snow, so they might open earlier than many other traditional mountains.

Sunridge Ski Area

If you want to stay in town, then you’ll be happy to know Sunridge Ski Area has stated they will be opening up in early November. We don’t know an exact date, but since we’re already a little over a week into November, we expect the slopes will open up right here in Edmonton any day now. With tons of slopes to try out and plenty of classes for everyone in the family to take – even 4 year olds with the new Mighty Mite program – this is an excellent place to ski or snowboard this winter.

Castle Mountain

Lastly, once again if you’re willing to make a weekend trip out of it, you can head to Castle Mountain in Pincher Creek, which is south of Calgary – about a 5-hour drive from Edmonton. While it’s a way’s off, Castle Mountain is the one resort whose opening day we know for sure. Opening on December 16th, Castle Mountain is another great option if you’re up for traveling.

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No matter where you decide to shred this year, we simply hope you enjoy it and it gets you through this winter. Happy skiing (or snowboarding)!

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