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By now, you’ve likely heard about the Toyota Safety Sense package that debuted in multiple 2016 model year vehicles. While the Star Safety System is still a thing in every vehicle on the lineup, the Safety Sense package takes things a step further by adding driver-assistive safety features to the fold. What you might not have known, is that there are actually two different Toyota Safety Sense Packages, TSS-C and TSS-P, so we thought we’d dive into the differences between the two packages.

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“Advanced safety systems are typically included only on luxury vehicles – but we feel they’re so important that everybody deserves to benefit from them. That’s why we’re democratizing advanced safety technologies – and will be including them on almost every model we produce. At the same time, we’re introducing a comprehensive awareness and education campaign to help Canadian drivers understand these systems and experience them first-hand.”

– Cyril Dimitris, Vice President, Toyota Canada Inc.

Toyota Safety Sense C

  1. Pre-Collision System
  2. Lane Departure Alert
  3. Automatic High Beams

Toyota Safety Sense P

  1. Pre-Collision System
    1. with Pedestrian Detection
  2. Lane Departure Alert
    1. with Steering Assist Function
  3. Automatic High Beams
  4. Dynamic Radar Cruise Control

So as you can see, the main difference between the two packages is that the Pre-Collision System and Lane Departure Alert have additional technologies in the TSS-P package, and it also adds Dynamic Radar Cruise Control. TSS-C is the more basic of the two packages, obviously, so it’s found in more models while TSS-P is reserved for higher trim levels and more premium models.

If you’d like to find out exactly which vehicles come with each Toyota Safety Sense package, then be sure to give us a call right here at the sales desk. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect vehicle for you.


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