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Having seen the title of this blog, you might be wondering why we’re even talking about a Lexus technology. Lexus is actually a subsidiary brand of the Toyota Motor Co., which means tech concepts they create and install in Lexus vehicles could quickly make their way to Toyota vehicles if successful. That’s why we wanted to take a quick look at the Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept, to show just what it is and why we’re crossing our fingers it makes its way into our cars, SUVs and trucks!

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Cushion & Back Rest

The cushion of the new Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept was designed to work similarly to the human spine. The spine permits other parts of the body like the pelvis and chest to rotate in different directions, thus allowing the head to be stabilized even in movement. Both the seat cushion and back rest were created with this in mind, allowing them to move kinetically with external forces and things like the weight. These advanced designs will stabilize drivers’ heads as the vehicle moves, enhancing comfort, drivability and even steadying the line of sight on the road.


It’s unclear if the upholstery pictured below is what the seats will actually look like in finished vehicles, or if they will be covered with a more traditional upholstery as well, but what you see here was designed with improvements in mind as well. The spider-web-patterned net, featuring synthetic spider silk threads, were designed in a radial manner to expand out from the middle of the back rest. The net is designed to be flexible, allowing it to fit any body shape and thus disperse the load out evenly throughout the seat. This, then, has the potential to allow comfortable seating even for an extended amount of time.




So as you can see, the Lexus Kinetic Seat Concept could allow for much more comfortable driving in a number of different types of vehicles. We hope that it finds success in its first Lexus vehicles, and eventually makes its way down to vehicles like our 2017 Toyota Camry.

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