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Top Safety Tips for Pokémon Go Players

Chances are, you’ve at the very least heard of the new phenomenon sweeping the nation… better yet, the globe. There’s also a pretty good chance you’ve already laced up your shoes and gone out for a walk to try to find that elusive Pikachu, but the next time you head out the door for the most fun exercise you’ll ever get, we want to make sure you know to keep safe. It might sound silly, but safety is an important concern when playing the new Pokémon Go game, and we’ve got a few top safety tips for Pokémon Go players to follow every time you head out the door.

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Watch Where You’re Going

The most important thing to do is watch where you’re going. The game’s augmented reality camera is awesome, but it’s not always active, so be sure to lift your eyes from the phone every few seconds to make sure you’re still heading down a safe path. Several people have been catastrophically injured because they weren’t watching where they were going, so keep your eyes up!

No Trespassing

Warning Unstable Cliffs Stay Back_oIt should go without saying that you cannot trespass on private or restricted property ever, even while trying to catch that rare Pokémon. Don’t go onto anyone’s property without permission, and definitely don’t hop any fences to restricted access locations… especially if the sign says danger!

Stay in Well-Lit Places

Almost everyone knows about Pokémon Go, which means – unfortunately – that some bad people will try to take advantage of it. If you’re going out at night to catch different kinds of Pokémon, make sure to stay in well-lit areas like public parks so that you can see everyone around you.

Don’t Go Out Alone

Once again, it might sound silly, but don’t go out trying to catch ‘em all by yourself. People will be much less likely to try anything if you’ve got a pal around. And don’t worry, the Pokémon group has stated that traveling with someone means more than one of the same Pokémon will pop up so that you can each go hunting together.

Inform Someone Where You’re Going

If you do have to go out by yourself, or even if you’re just going out with one friend, make sure to tell someone else where you’re going and that you’ll check back in when you get home. If you never hit that person up at the end of your journey, they’ll know something has gone wrong much sooner than if you were to just disappear.

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All of that said, have fun out there, and good luck trying to catch ‘em all!


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