5 Reasons That Your Car Brakes Squal Brake Pads Rotors

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Not only are squeaky car brakes annoying, they’re also a cause for serious concern. When drivers hear their brakes start to squeak, it can spark a worry that the vehicle’s brakes may not be in the best condition. But, not all brake squeaks are a reason to fret. To help you better understand what’s going on beneath your wheels, here are 5 common reasons why your car brakes are squealing.

1. Moisture:

If you are getting squeaky brakes in the early morning or after a rain storm when water can get on them, it’s likely completely normal. Sometimes a thin film of rust can accumulate in these conditions, as well, which the brake pads will wipe off as you start using them.

2. Hard Braking:

Another form of brake squealing occurs when you brake too hard. If you have a habit of slamming on your brakes, you might need to get used to hearing the occasional squeak. Try giving your brakes a rest and applying your brakes slowly, which should fix your problem.

3. Worn Out Pads:

Unlike the two causes mentioned above, worn out brake pads are a cause for concern, even though they are designed to squeak. When brake pads wear to the point of needing replacement, the wear indicators will start to squeal as a way of warning you that they’re on their last leg. Order new brake pads for your Toyota

4. Glazing:

Glazing occurs when brake calipers get stuck and cause the brakes to remain applied just partially. The friction from this contact can generate heat that causes the brake pads to harden. When all these hard materials make contact, squeaking can occur.

5. Insufficient Lubrication:

Like many other parts of your vehicle, your brakes need lubrication to function normally. When this lubrication is lost or not applied, you’re likely to hear quite a bit of squealing.

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What to Do When Your Car Brakes Are Squeaking

If you’re hearing your car brakes squealing, the first step is to determine whether or not it is a serious problem. If the brakes only seem to squeak when they’re wet, there is likely little reason to be concerned, as long as the sound quickly goes away. If your brakes continuously squeal and the problem doesn’t seem to get any better, use our list above to try to determine what the cause might be. In the end, however, your best bet is to contact a professional service technician to diagnose the problem.

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Although these 5 common reasons why your car brakes are squealing isn’t a complete list, you should be able to narrow down the cause of this unpleasant and concerning sound. If you have further questions, feel free to contact us at Toyota on the Trail.

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