2016 Toyota Highlander Performance & Capability Features

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2016 Toyota Highlander Performance & Capability Features

When you think of performance, the first vehicle to flash before your eyes is probably a sporty muscle car or an exotic sports car. Performance is definitely important in those vehicles, but it’s also important in a host of other segments around the market, not the least of which is the midsize crossover segment, which is home to the 2016 Toyota Highlander. We thought we’d take a look at some of the performance & capability features found in our favorite midsize crossover.

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Engine Options

You cannot talk about performance or capabilities without discussing engine options, which is where we figured we should start. The less powerful of the two options is a 2.7L 4-cylilnder engine that delivers a surprising 185 horsepower while achieving 11.8 l/100km through city streets and 9.4 l/100km on the highway. The better option is a 3.5L V6, which packs a punch of 270 horsepower alongside 248 pound-feet of torque, while only losing a tiny bit of city fuel efficiency.

2016 Toyota Highlander Engine Options_o

Towing Capacity

You might not think about towing as much with a crossover as you would a truck, but there are still plenty of great options and reasons to tow with your 2016 Toyota Highlander. You’ll be happy to know that the newest version of the crossover is capable of towing up to 5,000 lbs. behind it, giving you the ability to haul a boat, a 4-wheeler or even a camper.

Drive System

Lastly we wanted to take a peek at the incredible Dynamic Torque-Control All-Wheel Drive system that is available in the midsize crossover. The Highlander might not be the best choice for off-roading, but if you decide to get a bit adventurous, then this drive system will definitely be helpful. It is able to redistribute engine power from the front of the vehicle to the back while managing the brakes on each side. Pretty impressive, and it gives you better control of your vehicle.

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