Which vehicle won the 2WD class at STPR?

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Which vehicle won the 2WD Class at STPR?

A couple of months ago, Ryan Millen won the 2WD class at the Oregon Trail Rally, one of the biggest rally events on the continent. He did it behind the wheel of his Rally-inspired Toyota RAV4 SE, and immediately started getting ready for the next big race, which happened to be the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally – or STPR – in Wellsboro, Pennsylvania. So, which vehicle won the 2WD class at STPR?

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Unfortunately, Millen wasn’t able to make it a three-peat and win a third rally in a row, but he and the rest of the RAV4 team came in second place, thus cementing their spot in the overall standings: tied for first. Thanks to a regrettable penalty from before the race even started and unforeseen road conditions throughout the day, Millen and team weren’t able to capture the top spot in the race, but they are still hopeful in their hunt for the driver’s championship.

“It was really tricky. There was thick dust, and the surface didn’t allow us to get any heat into the tires. It was hard to get them to bite. Typically we do well in handling, as the RAV4 makes a lot of grip, but this clay base really made it tough.”

– Ryan Millen, Rallycross Driver, Toyota RAV4 SE

Ryan Millen in Toyota RAV4 SE for 2016 STPR_o

Ryan Millen blowing dirt in Toyota RAV4 SE for 2016 STPR_o

Events of the Susquehannock Trail Performance Rally

The day started off with a reconnaissance run allowing Millen and team to scout the racetrack, but there was a rule for the lap that prohibited drivers from exceeding 25 miles per hour. Millen and many other racers were penalized 45 seconds for breaking the rule before the race even started. Through the day, Millen and squad closed in on Cameron Steely’s Ford Fiesta ST and finished just 30 seconds behind first place, 8 minutes in front of third.

Next on the docket is the New England Forest Rally in Newry, Maine which will take place on July 15th. It is the fourth of six total races before the champion is crowned, and Millen and team are hopeful.

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