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What is Toyota bringing to EVS29?

On Sunday, the twenty-ninth Electric Vehicle Symposium & Exhibition – AKA EVS29 – will kick off and run for four days, bringing together some of the most innovative and exciting technology and vehicles on the market. A certain brand that we happen to be quite fond of wanted to make sure to jump in on the event, but what is Toyota bringing to EVS29? For starters, the Toyota Mirai that we just spoke about coming to Canada for the first time a few days ago.

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“Toyota has invested considerable engineering talent and other resources into developing vehicles that take advantage of state-of-the-art technology while also giving drivers compelling reasons to embrace them. We’re deeply committed to this – and are constantly looking at the big picture – which we refer to as ‘right vehicle, right place, right time’. This long-term thinking is embedded in Toyota’s DNA.”

– Stephen Beatty, Vice President, Toyota Canada Inc.

Toyota Vehicles Appearing at EVS29

Of course the 2016 Toyota Mirai, which has already gone on sale in California in the U.S., will be at the event, as it represents to most compelling and convincing example of the future of mobility and its advantages. But Toyota will also be bringing that brand-new 2017 Toyota Prius Prime, the newest version of the former Prius Plug-in, which represents the most impressive hybrid vehicle Toyota has introduced to date.

But hybrids and hydrogen aren’t the only types of vehicles Toyota wants to show off, as they’ll also be reintroducing a concept that has been popular for the past several years, the Toyota i-Road. The i-Road is an ultra-compact personal mobility vehicle that has been tested in various places around the glove already.

2016 Toyota Mirai EVS29_o

2017 Toyota Prius Prime EVS29_o

Toyota i-Road EVS29_o

If you’re in the Montreal neighborhood early next week, be sure to stop by EVS29 to check out all of these great vehicles and find out even more about what makes them tick.

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