What are the smartest companies in the world?

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What are the smartest companies in the world?

Recently, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology – better known as MIT – Technology Review created a list of the 50 smartest companies in the world, among which only two automotive companies made the cut. So, what are the smartest companies in the world in terms of the automotive market? Toyota did indeed make the list, at number 17, edging out major companies like IBM and Microsoft, alongside the only other automobile manufacturer on the list: Tesla Motors.

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“We’re very grateful to be recognized by MIT, one of the finest educational institutions in the world. Toyota’s scientists are committed to innovation and leading the way to a future of mobility that is cleaner, safer and provides freedom of mobility for all. In the spirit of kaizen, Toyota is committed to improving every day in the service of our customers and society.”

– Jim Lentz, CEO, Toyota Motor North America

What Got Toyota on the List?

2016 Toyota Mirai Powertrain Under Hood_oAs you can tell by looking through the host of technology blogs already written here on our site, Toyota does plenty of industry-changing, future-enhancing stuff. But two things in particular caught the attention of the MIT Technology Review enough to place them at #17 on their top 50. The first is, without a doubt, the Toyota Mirai. As one of the world’s first mass-produced hydrogen fuel vehicles, the Toyota Mirai in particular looks to change the way we view mobility and automobiles.

In addition to the Mirai, they cited the launch of the Toyota Research Institute as a major reason for making the list. The Toyota research Institute is set to “study the future of mobility, artificial intelligence and robotics.” So as you can see, Toyota has its hands in a lot more than simply automobiles, making it well worth its top-half spot in the MIT Technology Review’s 50 Smartest Companies list.

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