What is the Toyota/DEKA iBOT?

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What is the Toyota/DEKA iBOT?

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog for any amount of time, then there’s a pretty good chance you’re already aware of the fact that Toyota works on much more than simply automobiles. They’re working to change the future in multiple ways, and while mobility might be their biggest field – it doesn’t stop at just cars. Recently, Toyota Motor North America announced it would be entering a partnership with DEKA Research and Development to advance the future of mobility for disabled peoples in the form of a next-generation iBOT motorized wheelchair. So, what is the iBOT? That’s what we’re here to look into.

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“Our company is very focused on mobility solutions for all people. We realized that it is important to help older adults and people with special needs live well and continue to contribute their talents and experience to the world.”

– Osamu “Simon” Nagata, Executive Vice President, Chief Administrative Officer, Toyota Motor North America

“Toyota and DEKA share the same vision of making mobility available to people of every kind of ability. We are excited about this new relationship and excited about what I tmeans for making that dream a reality.”

– Dean Kamen, Founder, DEKA Research and Development

How does the iBOT work?

In case it wasn’t clear, the iBOT is going to be an extremely advanced, motorized wheelchair. It will have two different sets of wheels, each having the ability to rotate enabling users to essentially walk upstairs, something disabled peoples haven’t generally been able to do. It also allows users to raise their sitting level up to roughly 6 feet, meaning persons bound to wheelchairs will be able to remain at eye level rather than the normal height of a wheelchair.

Furthermore, it will be capable of driving over a wide array of terrains, meaning people will be able to go places they didn’t used to be able to. All in all, it’s extremely revolutionary technology, and we cannot wait to see the finished product by Toyota and DECA. We’ll keep you posted as more information becomes available.

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