Which vehicle won the 2WD Class at the 2016 Oregon Trail Rally?

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The Oregon Trail Rally is one of the biggest rally events here in North America, and this year Toyota decided it wanted to get involved. Long-time Toyota driver Ryan Millen happily accepted the offer, and took the helm of the special Rally-inspired Toyota RAV4 SE that was on display at the Chicago Auto Show this year. Knowing that Toyota and Millen were involved, many people have been wondering which vehicle won the 2WD class at the 2016 Oregon Trail Rally last weekend. Well, we have good news.

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“The big open class boys were pulling out boulders. There was no way to dodge them all. We bent a wheel, but overall in those rough terrain sections, the RAV was great. It has so much wheel travel; we don’t have to slow down as much as some of the other cars. There were so many highs and lows in the race… things just never stopped. At the end of the rally it was just such an amazing feeling. I can’t even describe it.”

– Ryan Millen, Toyota RAV4 SE Driver, Oregon Trail Rally

2016 Oregon Trail Rally Toyota RAV4 SE Exterior Front Profile

2016 Oregon Trail Rally Toyota RAV4 SE Exterior Rear Profile

What happened at the Oregon Trail Rally?

The Oregon Trail Rally lasted three days, starting on the 22nd and going through Sunday. While the team was met with a lot of adversity and obstacles, the team pulled through and managed to win the whole 2WD class after being in second place at the end of day 2. In fact, if you want specific details, Millen was trailing the first place vehicle by 13 seconds heading into the final stage, before having an incredible Stage 18 and finishing up 10 seconds in first place.

We’re very proud of Ryan Millen, his whole team and of course the 2016 Toyota RAV4 SE Rally Edition. The vehicle and its team aren’t done yet though, as they head onto their next rally event in the Rally America series. We’ll keep you posted with more good news if and when it comes.

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