What does the Geek Squad drive?

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Many Best Buy stores across the whole North American continent have a whole team of dedicated technology geeks ready to make sure your stuff works, and to fix it when it breaks. They call themselves the Geek Squad, and while they’re available to help you in store, they can even come to your home or office like a doctor making a house call. While the Geek Squad had special VW Bugs for many years, possibly since they opened in 2004, they’re now going to be operating out of a whole new Geekmobile. Which begs the question, what does the Geek Squad drive? And the answer, is the 2016 Toyota Prius c.

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Currently, the switch to the Prius c models is occurring across the United States, as more than 1,000 vehicles will be dispatched nationwide. But given the switch is successful, and we’re confident enough in the Toyota hybrid to believe it will be, it shouldn’t be long until they roll out here in Canada as well. Perhaps the biggest reason for the switch is due to the 20.3 million kilometres Geek Squad Agents drive annually, thus making the 4.4 l/100km city fuel efficiency of the Toyota Prius c a very nice-looking quality.

2016 Toyota Prius c Specs & Features

The 2016 Toyota Prius c operates on a standard 1.5L 4-cylinder gasoline engine and a high-torque electric motor, which combines to achieve that impressive fuel economy mentioned above. Even on the highway, the Prius c still achieves 5.1 l/100km, much better than many similar vehicles on the market. Its 99 horsepower might not sound very appealing, but the Geek Squad isn’t concerned with power. Its outstanding efficiency and 17.1 cu. ft. of cargo capacity are all that the elite technology agents need.

2016 Toyota Prius c Exterior Front Profile_o

2016 Toyota Prius c Exterior Rear Profile_o

While we can’t offer you a black and white version with the Geek Squad logo on the side, we do have an inventory of Toyota Prius c models you can browse if you’d like the ultimate city-driving hybrid for yourself. Just schedule a test drive or give us a call, and we’ll help you find what you’re looking for.

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