Technology Found in the 2016 Toyota Highlander

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Technology Found in the 2016 Toyota Highlander

The year 2000 was a pretty big year for several reasons. It was not only the first year in a new century, but also a whole new millennium. In fact, before the ball dropped for Y2K, many people thought the world might end. Luckily, it kept on turning, as did the wheels of the Toyota mind as they introduced one of today’s most popular models, the Highlander.

Sixteen years later the midsize crossover is more popular than ever, and packed with tons of great specs and features that make it such a great option. We thought we’d look at some of those in particular – specifically, the technology found in the 2016 Toyota Highlander – to show you just one more great reason why the crossover makes such a great choice in the segment.

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Infotainment System

For starters, one of the most important features found in any vehicle today is its infotainment system. Today’s drivers like to stay connected and have a multitude of information and control right at their fingertips. The Highlander’s infotainment system – featuring Entune Audio with Intelligent Touch controls – provides plenty of this on either a 6.1” or 8” touchscreen display audio screen. Thanks to the Entune App Suite, you can use the infotainment system not just to listen to music or get turn-by-turn navigation, but to buy movie tickets, make reservations at a nearby restaurant, or discover a ton of information like weather or sports.

Three-zone Automatic Climate Control

2016 Toyota Highlander Three-Zone Climate ControlVery little would have the ability to upstage the infotainment system found in the 2016 Toyota Highlander, but if you’re a growing family with a bunch of different personalities and needs, then the three-zone automatic climate control might be a godsend. If you’re warm but your front passenger is cold, you’ll be able to set your climates separately, plus let everyone in the back decide how they’d like to set the temperature as well.

Safety Features

Lastly, the crossover is of coursed packed with tons of great safety features, both passive and active. For starters, a great backup camera comes standard in the vehicle featuring a projected path on screen to help guide you into parking spots and garages. Blind Spot Monitor and Rear Cross-Traffic Alert are great active, driver-assistive features that will also help you by watching areas you can’t normally see all the time. Both will send you alerts if a vehicle either enters your blind spot or, for the rear cross-traffic, if a vehicle is coming from either direction while you’re reversing out of a driveway or the like.

2016 Toyota Highlander Blind Spot Monitor

2016 Toyota Highlander Backup Camera

Plenty of other safety features come both standard and available, thanks in part to the Toyota STAR Safety System. If you have any questions about any of these features, don’t hesitate to give us a call. But if you think you’ve got all the information you need, then be sure to scheudle a test drive right here on our website and we’ll get you behind the wheel of a 2016 Toyota Highlander at your earliest convenience!

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