What is the Toyota Urban Utility Concept Car

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While it was first talked about over a year ago, not much was known about one of the most exciting concept cars from Toyota this year. But at the 2016 Canadian International Auto Show – which kicked off on February 12th and will run through the 21st in Toronto – the Toyota Urban Utility, or U2, made its global debut, showcasing an even more stunning vehicle than we saw in the pictures so many months ago. So what is the Toyota Urban Utility concept car? It’s a vehicle inspired by and designed for creative minds.

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“As a company of makers, Toyota has been driven by a passion for designing and engineering practical solutions to meet the ever-changing needs of its consumers. The Toyota U2 concept is an example of that – a vehicle tailored to those who make up today’s makers, creators and mobile entrepreneurs. This creative class blurs the lines between work and play and we’re delighted to give Canadians the first look at this compelling vision of urban mobility,” stated the Vice President of Sales at Toyota Canada Inc., Cyril Dimitris.

The Urban Utility concept certainly doesn’t look like many other vehicles on the road today, but at the same time it doesn’t look so farfetched that it would be hard to believe it could be a production model in the next couple of years. In appearance, it seems to combine a modern crossover utility vehicle, like the Toyota Highlander, with the classic cargo van, mixing in some of Toyota’s signature funky design cues. It is certainly stylish, and provides plenty of versatility for any type of driver, no matter what kind of “maker” they are.

Toyota U2 Concept Front Fascia

Toyota U2 Concept Rear Fascia

Toyota U2 Concept Interior Cabin

Unique Features of the Toyota Urban Utility Concept

  • Flip-up side windows, allowing easier access on the go
  • Rear cargo area, utilized either fully open or closed
  • Retracting roof panels
  • Rear glass panel, slides into tailgate
  • Fold-down tailgate, reconfigures into a ramp
  • Retractable, customizable utility bar
  • Versatile utility rail system
  • Foldable, removable front passenger seat
  • Fold-up rear seating
  • Durable underbody

We’ll be sure to continue updating you on this outstanding concept car if any new information becomes available. Until then, be sure to check out the Canadian International Auto Show if you’re in the Toronto area, where you can see vehicles like the all-new 2016 Toyota Prius and RAV4 Hybrid up close first hand.

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