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Toyota Truck Driver Stories

Owning a Toyota truck is a little like being in a private club. You know what it’s like to be behind the wheel of a powerful and exciting vehicle that is able to tackle anything that comes your way. There is also a bond that exists between Toyota truck drivers. When you see another Toyota truck on the road you get a sense of camaraderie that only exists between people that drive the same type of vehicle. Toyota Canada is now working to collect a variety of Toyota truck driver stories.

Toyota Canada is inviting Toyota truck drivers to share a story of an adventure they’ve had with their truck. Whether it is an epic journey, a rugged trail conquered, a job completed or a vehicle that’s lifetime has spanned generations, this is your time to share how Toyota trucks have made an impact on your life. It might have been a moment or just the feeling you get everyday you get behind the wheel. By submitting your story, you get a chance to be featured in an upcoming video highlighting passionate Toyota truck owners.

truckstoriesIn order to enter your story, all you have to do is fill out a short form. This form asks you what year and model your truck is, what type of activities you use your truck for, your contact information and a story about your truck using 500 words or less. This is an exciting way to show the impact your Toyota truck has had on you.

If you are interested in learning more about the Toyota trucks available explore the Toyota Tundra or Toyota Tacoma at Toyota Scion on the Trail. You can start your own Toyota truck story by scheduling a test drive today in Edmonton AB. We even have Toyota truck accessories to personal your truck and make it uniquely yours. Call or visit us today and don’t forget to submit your story to Toyota Canada!

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