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Virtual Toyota Test Drive

Test drives have been around just as long as car dealerships have, if not longer. They provide a way for potential customers to see what it’s like behind the wheel of a vehicle before they commit to buying it. This process is helpful when it comes to shopping for a new vehicle. Recently Toyota Canada put a new spin on the classic test drive by presenting a virtual Toyota test drive. This type of test drive is much different than the traditional test drive.

Those who participated in the virtual Toyota test drive where invited to sit down with a steering wheel that wasn’t attached to anything. Then they were given a screen to watch where they on a cartoon race track, but they were actually steering the car. It is almost like a video game experience. Drivers got to experience what it is like driving a Toyota Corolla without actually sitting in the car. The screen also used a camera to put the drivers behind the wheel so they could see themselves on the screen.

This is an exciting and interesting way for drivers to get introduced to new and interesting vehicles like the 2015 Toyota Corolla in Edmonton AB. The Corolla is one of the best selling compact cars in North America and for good reason. It is affordable, spacious, efficient and fun to drive. It has something for everything.

If you are interested in the 2015 Toyota Corolla, it might be time to take a real test drive at Toyota Scion on the Trail in Edmonton AB. Our dealership even offers test drives from home, where we bring the car to you! Here at Toyota Scion on the Trail we make it convenient for you to get behind the wheel of any vehicle in our lineup. Schedule a test drive today!

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