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Tire Storage in Edmonton AB

Driving in Canada means having to navigate through all different type of weather conditions. Our winters are harsh full of snow and icy conditions, but then our summers are hot and often have thunderstorms and slippery conditions. That’s why many drivers opt for having two sets of tires, winter and summer. Having two sets of tires in the city can be inconvenient, which is why Toyota Scion on the Trail provides tire storage in Edmonton AB for drivers who don’t have the space to store a set of tires.

tiresBEven though it can seem inconvenient, there are many benefits to having two sets of tires. For starters, winter tires are designed to handle winter driving conditions. They provide better traction because snow tires are built for snowy and icy conditions. They are made with softer and grippier rubber with very deep treads. Winter tires also help provide better braking power. All season tires tend to lock up and skid on icy roads, but snow tires have a gripe that will all you to brake better when needed.

Summer tires also have some great benefits. They are typically built for speed and agility. They offer advanced responsiveness, cornering and braking capabilities, because of the specific tread patterns and rubber compounds it is made of. Summer tires also have shallow tread depths to make them more stable and better for wet driving conditions.

Here at Toyota Scion on the Trail, we really recommend getting winter tires and summer tires. It is especially important because of how harsh our winters can be. All weather tires just are built for these type of driving conditions. If you are interested in buying a different set of tires or you are in need of tire storage, call Toyota Scion on the Trail in Edmonton, AB today. We will be able to assist you in finding the perfect tires for your particular vehicle.

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