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Important Tire Facts

Tires can be a confusing element to the everyday driver. It might even be something that you’ve never thought about, but there are some important tire facts when it comes to your vehicle and the condition of its tires. You definitely don’t want to risk the life of your vehicle by not knowing a few key things about tires.

tiregraphicFor starters, most tires have a sequence of numbers on them. They might seem random, but they actually have important meaning. A typical tire number looks like this:

P185/65R15 865

P: Signifies passenger vehicle

185: width of the tire in millimeters

65: Aspect ratio (this sidewall’s height is about 65% of the tire width)

R: Radial construction

15: Diameter of the wheel (in inches) on which the tire fits

86: Numerical code associated with the maximum load a tire can carry.

S: Speed rating (this tire could sustain speeds up to 180 kph)

There are also a few key terms to know when it comes to your tires.

Tire Ply Composition: Indicates the number of plies and types of materials used in construction.

Maximum Tire Pressure: Indicates the greatest amount of air pressure that should ever be put into a tire under maximum load.

Maximum Load Rating: Indicates the load in kg and lbs that can be carried by the tire.

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