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Toyota Dream Car Art Contest

When you were younger, chances are you fantasized and imagined what it was like to drive a car. You might have even thought of your own design or vehicle concept. Maybe it had wings or even a snack dispenser. Everyone’s dream car is a little different especially when you were younger. To help children explore this imagination, Toyota is hosting the Toyota Dream Car Art Contest. This contest revolves around the theme of what your child’s dream car looks like. There are different age group allowed in the contest and a variety of exciting prizes for the winners of each age group.

This art contest has three age categories one for children under 8 years old, one for 8-11 years old and one for 12-15 years old. The awards will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place for each age category which makes 9 total finalists. Prizes include a 7” 8GB tablet device and the opportunity to participate in the world contest. The world contest will be awarding 30 total finalists with an all-expenses paid trip for the award winners and both parents/legal guardian to the award ceremony in Japan in August 2015.

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There are a few guidelines to the Toyota Dream Cat Art Contest to keep in mind. The first rule is that the design must never have been selected as the winner of any other contest. To be eligible, the design must also be submitted on paper measuring 8.5 to 12 inches (215 mm to 300 mm) by 11 to 18 inches (280 mm to 450 mm). The design must also be a hand-drawn, coloured illustration with background and cannot be digitally altered in any way. Any non-digital artistic medium is allowed including paint, waterpaint, colour markers, crayons etc. Entries must be submitted before February 27th, 2015. Entries must also include the child’s artwork, an entry form, a questionnaire and the Non-Exclusive License and Waiver of Moral Rights.

This is an exciting contest to not only encourage your child’s creativity but to also have the opportunity to get recognized for it. Toyota is a company that encourages innovation and creativity and this is just one of the ways they involve families in the fun. To see get inspired, see what Toyota on the Trail has to offer. They have excellent vehicle choices for families including the Toyota Sienna and Toyota Prius. See what Toyota can do for you and your family.

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